July 30, 2016

In general, Bar refers to the lawyers and Bench refers to the members of the judiciary, i.e., Judges. It is the body of persons which operates the machinery through which justice is administered, composed mainly of the Judges and the Advocates who help them in discharging their difficult duties, has existed and functioned both in ancient and modern times.

Bar & Bench relations in law refers to the cordial relationship between Advocates (Bar) and Judges (Bench). Bar and Bench plays an important role in the administration of justice. Bench administer the justice with the help of the Bar.

The Judicial Process in today’s world includes that task of Social Engineering. Concepts of justice, however, have changed vastly in the course of time. And, as between different States in modern times too, Justice, as embodied in the law, has different contents and connotations.

Such differences as we find between different States as regards the functions of the Bar and Bench are, mainly due to the somewhat differing basic concepts of justice found in the laws of different States. These concepts have been produced and molded by the operations of complex and interconnected, constantly acting and counter-acting, sets of factors in the course of our histories.

As the officers of the Court, lawyers are expected to assist the Bench in administering justice. They are expected to maintain respectful attitude, towards the Bench keeping in mind that, the dignity of judicial office is an essential for the survival of the society. Thus, mutual respect is necessary among the lawyers and judges to maintain the harmony between the Bar and Bench.


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