August 01, 2016

Clinical legal education has an important role in transforming a law student to a good advocate. In this transformation, moot courts plays a vital role. In this article let us try to understand the importance of moot courts OR in other words, the advantages of moot courts OR the educational value of moot courts.

Major advantages of active participation in moot courts are as follows;
  1. It rectifies the defects of class room lecture methods.
  2. Each branch of law, which is connected with the moot problem,are simultaneously taught in functional manner.
  3. An effective technique of teaching law by means of practical training.
  4. It helps the law student to develop his argumentative talent. At the same time, moot court will also help him to check his irrelevant behaviours.
  5. Without attending the ordinary courts, students can learn the court procedures by participating in moot court.
  6. By participating in a moot court, students learn about the relevant facts of the moot problem,arguments of both the sides, and the judgment.
  7. Moot court helps the law students to learn the theory of law by way of practical approach.
  8. Moot court enhances argumentative talent of the law student as well as his presentation skills in a timely manner.
  9. Moot court further enhances the research skills of the students.
  10. Moot court helps to develop self-possession, fluency, clarity or enunciation, practice of court procedure, and the art of persuasion and presentation of moot problem (cases).
  11. Moot court helps the student to develop his ability to argue for the party with Court etiquette.
  12. Moot court will also help the law students to learn the duties of an advocate. It further, help the student to develop their presentation skills as well as court mannerisms.


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