February 15, 2017

The Bar and the Bench are two sides of a coin. However, these are some of the most frequently heard questions that; What is Bar? What is Bench? and what are the difference between Bar & Bench? In addition to above mentioned queries, it is often discussed that, Whether Bar has got any duties to fulfill to the Bench or the Bench has got any duties to fulfill to the Bar.

If the independent judiciary is the pillar of democracy, the Bar is the foundation of the independent Judiciary. The Bar is the mother of the Bench and the bright mirror of the Judicial Officers whose image, character and conduct is correctly and visibly reflected therein, and it is for the Bench to nurse and nourish the merits of the Bar.

Duties of Bar to Bench

  1. Advocate not to show over reaction against presiding judge
  2. An Advocate should appear and behave like a thorough gentleman in the court.
  3. An Advocate should avoid any act which Lowers confidence in the administration of justice. 
  4. An Advocate should be trust worthy and he should not try to mislead the court.
  5. An Advocate should extend full co-operation to the bench
  6. An Advocate should not inflict imputation against the bench
  7. An Advocate should present everything in open court
  8. Duty of the bar to the Bench to maintain its Honour and Dignity
  9. Respect for address to Judges.
  10. The Bar owes a duty towards Assuring the Confidence in Justice itself.

 Duties of Bench to Bar

  1. Bench should support and ensure the Independence of the Bar.
  2. Duty to allow Arguments Uninterruptedly.
  3. Fairness on the part of Judge.
  4. Judges should extend their helping and Appreciative Hands towards beginners at the Bar.
  5. Judges should Pay Equal Attention to all Lawyers Irrespective of their Position.


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