August 01, 2017

The Directive Principles of State Policy contained in Part IV of the Constitution set out the aims and objectives to be taken up by the States in the governance of the country. The State must keep in mind these directive principles while formulating laws. They lay down certain social, economic and political principles, suitable to our peculiar conditions prevailing in India.

These principles should be pursued by the various governments in India and these principles thereby imposes certain obligations on the state to take positive action in certain directions in order to promote the welfare of the people and achieve economic democracy.

The main object in enacting the directive principles appear to have been to set standards of achievements before the legislature and the executive, the local and other authorities, by which their success of failure can be judged. It was also hoped that those failing to implement the directives might receive a rude awakening at the polls.

They however does not impose any pattern of economic or social order. They lay down the goals which may be achieved through various means which have to be devised from time to time.


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