Ignorantia juris non excusat

Ignorance of law is not an excuse. What does it mean? Ignorantia juris non excusat is a legal principle which prevents a person from escaping his liability for violating any legal provision merely because, he is ignorant of said legal provision.

So what you understand from this? It means, we all are supposed to know all the existing legal provisions of our nation. But it is practically not possible for an individual to remember all laws. Even a practising advocate may not be able to do so.

So what is the solution for it? Don’t worry. Here it comes the solution – Learning the Lawan interactive online platform to take your legal knowledge to the next level

Learning the Law is an initiative to impart legal education to all. Law is an essential medium of change which cements the society. Study of law promotes accuracy of expression as well as some understanding of social values.

Learning the Law also facilitates argument and interpretation skills. Knowledge of law increases
one’s understanding of public affair. Law is a subject which is wider than most of the Arts papers.

Hence this initiative to explain the concepts of law in a simplified manner, so that, even common man can understand the complex areas of law.


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