We are pleased to announce that, Learning the Law is now open for submissions. Learning the Law is a multidisciplinary open access law journal from India covering various law subjects.

Now we invite Quality Articles on any subjects of law in line with the Vision & Mission of Learning the Law. Submission of Articles are open throughout the year. However, publication of the same is subject to the fulfillment of the Submission Guidelines mentioned herein below;

Submission Guidelines

  • Article must be of minimum 700 words and maximum 1000 words only.
  • Article must be written in simple language.
  • Medium of Article writing shall be English.
  • Each Article shall be dealing with any one of the principles of law. E.g. Public Interest Litigation, Essential Elements of a tort etc.
  • No CUT, COPY, PASTE Articles. Learning the Law does not entertain copied content. Thus only ORIGINAL Contents free from Plagiarism shall be submitted for its publication.
All submissions to Learning the Law shall be made electronically, and the same shall be emailed to us at the following email id, indicating the subject as “Article Submission – Learning the Law”. Only those submissions which fulfills the Submission Guidelines mentioned herein above will be published.

Submission Email: editor [at] learningthelaw [dot] in

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